Helios Carbon Fibre Outdoor Heater

For the first time in South Africa! The Helios will revolutionise outdoor heating with its carbon fibre heating system.

It heats People not the Air, is far safer than gas, and costs only a fraction of what traditional heaters cost to run.

The best bit is that the Diana with its inbuilt light will look stunning on your patio and allow you to spend more time in South Africa’s beautiful outdoors.

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The great features of Carbon Fibre Far Infra-red – the light of life!

Infra-red is a radiant heat, which are electromagnetic waves that directly transport energy through space.  It does not need a medium as found with convection or conduction ways of heating. A good example of this is heat from the sun which feels warms and feels good;

Radiant heat in an infrared band is safe and ideal for absorption by the human body. Carbon fibre technology is derived from the technology used in hospitals to treat circulation disorders and skin complaints.   The heat rays developed by the carbon fibre tubes provide infrared heat which heats people; they DO NOT HEAT THE AIR!

Energy Saving – The fact that air is not heated actually saves energy and therefore costs less;

Instant Heat – Maximum heating effect in less than 30 seconds. Under real conditions, even outdoors, you will feel the heat in under 30 seconds – 2 meters away. This is especially beneficial for smoking areas where the economy setting should be used to save energy and lower carbon emissions.

Features of the Helios Patio Heater

2 heat settings.  Uses a standard 220-240V 50Hz AC electric supply:  With no heavy gas cylinders or harmful Gases to worry about;

Low running costsCost comparison – based on 100% usage

Gas R22.22/hour

Helios R5.15/hour

The PIR economy button further reduces the energy costs even further. There is a reduction in Carbon Emissions of +- 70% for this unit.

Slim Aerodynamic Construction – doesn’t blow over like gas heatersWith a heavy (15kg/46cm diameter) base, the units are manufactured to withstand strong gusts of wind.  The Helios not only passes, but exceeds by double, the CE safety standard 15° Tilt Test – self-righting from 30deg.   It turns off automatically when over tilted.  The roller base allows for ease of moving unit.

PIR economy feature – Reducing energy costs even further! This feature automatically turns off the heater when there is no movement by any person in front of the unit (4 Minute Setting).  This saves considerable energy and money  without  you worrying about the wasted energy. More about PIR..

Silent Running – Unlike Gas our heaters make No Noise!! Nothing is worse than the horrible roaring racket or smell of a gas patio heater when you are trying to eat or drink!

Sturdy aluminium and stainless steel parts. Created with the outdoor in mind, the Helios can stand outdoors for long periods. In cases of inactivity, we recommend using the weatherproof cover (included in the box) and store in a secure dry location.

Masterlock™ Safety feature – no tampering by children or public! This function disables the main unit control panel to render it inoperable / tamper proof. In operation the unit is then managed by the remote control only, making it perfect for public places

Remote control – for an easy life! “Full Function” remote control that is held by magnet on the unit for safekeeping.

Weather-proofed – IP55 rating means “OK to leave outside”! The carbon fibre heating tubes can take direct exposure to water or even beer.

Effective Heating Area – Head to Toe People heater NOT the Air! The effective heating area  is approximately 24m2 (5m radius from the unit at a heating angle of 110 degrees)

Roller Base – Easy to move into the desired area or position!

Looks spectacular at night with that “bonfire red glow” – and without the smoke and pollution!

NB – The price includes VAT and delivery to main city centres within South African Borders.