Morso Fireplaces

The Morso brand promises unmistakable quality. It is the longest-standing, most trusted fireplace brand available and the go-to brand for customers, architects and decorators looking for a closed stove fireplace.

World-renowned for cast-iron, closed system fireplaces, Morsø offers the best all round efficiency with:

  • longer, cleaner burn times;
  • far more heat radiated into the room; and
  • significantly less heat loss to the chimney.

How does a convection closed system work?

Convection closed system fireplaces have an extra side panel attached to the outside of the fireplace that creates an air channel between the two surfaces. Convection works by transferring heat from the fireplace to the air within these channels. As the hot air rises, cold air is sucked into the chamber at a low level. This results in a rapid circulation of air within the room.

What is also important is that Morsø fireplaces have additional air inlets under the grate to ensure that the fuel is burnt effectively and does not smoulder and cause smoke to pour into the room.

Quite simply, a Morsø cast-iron fireplace is over 80% efficient in comparison to an open fireplace, which typically loses 90% of its heat straight up the chimney.