Hwam Fireplaces

Simply light, sit back and enjoy!
The mechanical HWAM® Autopilot™ is a strikingly, yet ingeniously brilliant function which offers numerous benefits – both for you and the environment.

• Simple, convenient operation
• Clean burning
• More energy, better economy
• Easy on the environment

How the technology works

The bimetallic spring in the HWAM Automatic controls the positions of the dampers.

As the temperature in the combustion chamber rises, the spring expands and moves the dampers, shutting off the supply of primary air and opening up the supply of secondary air.

It is solely the temperature in the combustion chamber that determines how the dampers move.

The entire process is ongoing so that the supply of air for each stage of combustion is adjusted precisely to ensure the eco-friendliest, fuel-conserving combustion possible.

The drivers behind the design

“We bring the historical fireplace into the modern home. For us a woodturning stove is a piece of furniture on par with a sofa or dining table.”

– Henrik Sorig Thomsen, Hwam Designer

HWAM stove design balances the familiar iconic appearance of the wood-burning stove and surprising details, making these stoves unique – both visually and functionally.

The design unites discreet Scandinavian design with extraordinary comfort and extraordinarily high quality, and visual details complement functionality and simple operation.
Ingenious functiotions, such as HWAM’s glass air wash ensure the clearest picture of the flames.

“The flame presentation is critical for us. The flame is like a small painting which has to calmly create the perfect experience of atmosphere and warmth. The way the flames are framed has to highlight the painting in a very warm and discreet way.”

~Tobias Jacobsen, Hwam Designer

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