Dovre Fireplaces

A New Level of Quality!

Fire has character. There is something unique and powerfully attractive about real flames. Which is why, a fireplace has a strong and undeniable presence. And this is the reason why Dovre fireplaces are built to the highest quality standards – quality standards which you can experience … in the smooth feel of the surfaces … in the gloss and shine of the enamel coatings … in the beautiful warmth of a Dovr fireplace.

Dovre designs embrace the distinctive characteristics of a wood-burning fire while paying particular attention to minimizing heat loss and increasing efficiency. Dovre products exceed international standards. All are fitted with after-burner systems to extract extra heat from your fuel and reduce the ecological impact of your fireplace.

How the technology works

Dovre technology provides optimal efficiency by using the best techniques:

  1. The new generation Dovre fireplaces have the double combustion system. Pre-heated secondary air is channeled through the back into the combustion chamber, thus creating a spontaneous secondary burning of the by-products of the incomplete primary combustion. The result is a higher warming efficiency and a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly outlet.
  2. Air Washensures a cleaner glass and a better view of the flames. Using a spoiler, the secondary combustion air washes down in front of the glass, keeping most of the smoke and condensation away from the glass and consequently keeping the glass cleaner for longer.
  3. The integrated convection systemtransports air from the cold air inlets, through the convection cavity, and out into the room through the hot air outlets. Some of the models are equipped with the electric fan assisted convection system that will ensure a quicker way to get the hot convection air into the room.