Nestor Martin Fireplaces

The Nestor Martin range of wood fireplaces boasts revolutionary combustion technologies that enable stove fireplaces to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and controllability, whether commanding warmth to the furthest reaches of the largest home or discreetly providing gentle background heating for the most modest of spaces.

3 Great Reasons to Choose Nestor Martin:

  • Eco-Friendly
    All stoves are made mostly from recycled materials and are completely recyclable themselves.
  • Reduced CO Emissions
    All stoves have the potential to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide with some models showing an emission rate 16 times lower than the European standard.
  • Extraordinary Efficiency
Nestor Martin stoves have efficiency ratings of up to 80% – that’s vastly higher than the European Standard of 50%! So you get more energy out of the fuel you use.

Woodbox Technology

Nestor Martin’s unique Woodbox technology offers you simple operation with exceptional energy efficiency: the perfect combination!

Switch between a roaring blaze and dancing flames, and the results are immediate. You can slow down or intensify the combustion process simply by pressing a button on a remote control. And, when you choose the temperature you want, the fireplace will automatically self-regulate to sustain the temperature you’ve selected.

Woodbox technology offers these exceptional technological advantages:

  • An integrated system, combining primary and secondary combustion.
  • High efficiency and low emissions, meeting (and surpassing) international standards.
  • Precise control of the stove’s burning rate.
  • Start-up air to ease ignition.
  • Airtight heating body made of cast iron and steel.
  • Optional remote control