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It’s no surprise that South Africans like to braai – give us a hint of sun and we are outside hunting down fire lighters and rounding up the troops. So when Calore came up with the Kamado Jan, we stopped and took notice of this amazing contraption.



The Kamado is made from superior materials with a ceramic shell that locks in heat and moisture. Think dual air vents, stainless steel fittings and fastenings – the works. The Kamado is easy to assemble and move around and it comes in three sizes:

  • The JAN Jnr 33cm
  • The JAN 46cm
  • The Big JAN 57cm



Because the Kamado JAN has a ceramic shell that locks in moisture and flavour, it has a superior taste to its competitors because of the use of natural lump charcoal that is used. The ceramic holds in natural oils and moisture while the heat source gives your food that natural, charcoal taste.

Metal grills radiate heat and pull moisture from your food, a big no-no for your juicy steak braaiing (if you read our last article, you’ll know that’s a hard no for your steak), while gas grills offer no charcoal taste and briquettes contain fillers like borax and sawdust from waste lumber.

The Kamado JAN offers a limited lifetime warranty on ceramic parts; dome, base, firebox and fire ring.



When purchasing any large item, we tend to way up the pros and cons of the item; do we need it, how will it benefit my life, is it easy to clean etc., but with the Kamado JAN, your life will be vastly improved in the best way possible!

  • FUEL COST: One bag of lump charcoal can offer up to 10 firings, which means you will spend roughly R5 per braai. Score!
  • ASSEMBLY: Your Kamado JAN comes fully or partially assembled so you don’t need to get out your toolbox or bang your fingers.
  • MAINTENANCE: You should check the tightness of bands and screws that hold the base and lid and connect to the hinge. You should replace the felt gaskets every 2-3 years.
  • CLEANING: The Kamado produces one-third of the ash that briquettes produce, but if you do need to clean up some ash you are usually provided with a tool. All you need to do is scrape the cooking grate before cooking.
  • SPACE: Kamado’s work well with a limited outdoor space, so if you live in a flat and your balcony is your only option, you are in luck!


Think tasty ribs, delicious pizzas and braai broodtjies that send shivers down your spine, because with the Kamado JAN you can be the ultimate braai master every time.


If you are interested in the Kamado JAN, then pop into our store or visit our website.