• Morsø 7443 Open Log Storage

    Morsø wood burning stove 7443, with a plain base, appears very pure with a simple design. The re-designed and legendary squirrel motif is in focus as a symbol of high quality and design.

    If one loves logs as an ornamental element together with the mat black cast iron, the model with log storage is the right choice.

  • Morsø 7642

    The Morsø 7600 wood stove series has an inspired character – its circular shape, round feminine contours and spectacular glass door, the largest in Morsø’s history. Innovative design elements give these original wood stoves a personal style and a soft organic touch, yet first-class craftsmanship and durable recycled cast iron makes them strong and intelligent.

  • Morsø 7648

    The Morso 7648 is a wood-burning stove set on a cast-iron pedestal with a large door glass providing an excellent view of the dancing flames.

    Monica Ritterband makes the following comments about her design, “I had an idea to create a stove with an organic rounded shape.

  • Morsø 7940

    A Series of stoves has been created with the Morsø 7900 wood-burning stove series, which with its defined design can fit into almost any home.

    A series of stoves in which even the smallest detail bears witness of a constant desire to captivate.

  • Morsø 7948

    The very large window section at the front and sides of the stove creates a stove, where the fire and flames can be seen just as well from anywhere in the room.

    The wood-burning stove on a pedestal raises the combustion chamber, giving the spectacular side and front glass sections an elegant lightness.

  • Morsø 7970

    The Morsø 7970 wood burner is a modern sculpture that will enhance the aesthetics of its surroundings. The experience of natural fire enriches the room creating the cosiest environment. A refined wood burning stove with an uncompromising focus on details.

  • Morsø S10-40

    The front of the stove is dominated by the beautiful, large glass door, which ensures maximum enjoyment of the fire and also gives the stove a youthful and exclusive exterior. The S10 steel stove uses the latest combustion technology and therefore complies with all regulations and standards, including of course the Swan eco-label. The stove can be stoked with kindling 33 cm in length, but, thanks to its elegant and well-designed lines, does not take up more space than necessary.

  • Morsø S50-40

    The Morsø S 50 is presented as an elegant and well-proportioned piece of furniture to dress any home. The slanting door gives the stove character and also accentuates the beautiful and generously-designed glass front. The Morsø S 50 is part of the new range of steel stoves, which aim to give a modern and unique expression.

  • Piazzetta E905

    The special stove structure and the majolica claddings made in large pieces ensure that Piazzetta wood-burning stoves offer truly pleasurable comfort, high efficiency and low consumption.

  • Piazzetta E963

    A precious effect is obtained with the decorative verticle lines on this stove’s cladding harmonized with many furniture styles.

    Pellets are the ecological fuel par excellence. They are practical, easy to handle and to store and produce heat without harming the environment.

  • Scan 53 Stainless Steel

    The Scan 53 is a deluxe wood burning stove; with the Scan combustion system ensuring cleaner flue gasses and clearer glass, so you can always enjoy watching the fire. Ideal for corner or straight wall installation.

  • Scan 58 Pedestal

    This stove concept from one of Denmark’s leading designers is
    ground breaking both in creation and style. The family of stoves has
    an elliptical shape that creates its own special expression.