• Economaster Fireplace - Free standing

    Economaster Fireplace – 800 Freestanding

    This Economaster Fireplace includes 3.6 m pipe, collar, escutcheon plate, grate, grid, ashdrawer, and cowl with base

    800mm (W) x 460mm (D) x 860mm (H)

  • Hot

    The Fire Works Moore

    • 7 kW
    • Cast iron
    • Multi-fuel
    • 355 x 460 x 545 mm
  • Hot

    The Fire Works Dalton

    • 4,5 kW
    • Cast iron
    • Multi-fuel
    • 376 x 267 x 540 mm
  • Hot

    The Fire Works Craig

    • 16kW
    • Cast iron
    • Multi-fuel
    • 660 x 320 x 680 mm
  • The Fire Works Connery

    13 kW
    Cast iron
    530 x 550 x 835 mm

  • Godin Lefontemont

    Dimensions (W/D/H) 45.7 x 66.2 x 90cm
    Diameter of Outlet 180 diameter
    Flue Outlet Top or rear
    Combustible Material Wood
    Recommended Fuel Logs of 50cm: Compressed Logs
    Nominal kW Output 12Kw
    Regulation Manual
    Loading Front Loading
    Heating Volume 180 – 450M3
    Functioning time of normal run 3 1/2 hours
    Weight 156kg
  • Godin Madras

    Fuel: Wood burning

    Colour: Black

    Power: 9 kw

    Heating Capacity: 330 m3

    Flue size outlet: 153 diameter

    H:90 L:58 D:49cm

  • Godin Eco

    Front & Top Loading
    Steel Covering, Cast-Iron & Steel Inside
    Manual Regulation

  • Godin Fonteval

    With Clean Burn, Double Combustion !

    Wood Stove copied from an original 1927 design
    Enamelled steel and cast iron construction
    Available in Black, Green or Brown
    Click on the image or product name for more details

  • Jotul F163

    Jøtul F163 is a small wood stoves with a new and unique expression. The stoves have modern design made by Hareide Designmill.
    The size and shape makes the stove easily placed both on a flat wall or in a corner. Jøtul F163 has glass on the side windows that gives an extra view of the flames. The side glasses have a special surface that leaves them free of soot in all effect areas. Both Jøtul F162 and Jøtul F163 have a short leg option which makes the overall height of the stove 704 mm.

  • Jotul F3MF

    This is a true multi-fuel version of the iconic cast iron Jøtul F3TD. The plain door gives an uninterrupted view of
    the fire. With primary air control on the ash pan door and secondary air via the control at the top of the stove, user
    friendliness comes as standard with this model. It comes complete with an easy to remove bottom grate. The Jøtul
    F3MF redefines the word classic.

  • Scan 58 Wallmount

    This stove concept from one of Denmark’s leading designers is
    ground breaking both in creation and style. The family of stoves has
    an elliptical shape that creates its own special expression.