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    Morsø S80-90

    With a rectangular design in coal-black glass and a size which leaves all other in-built fireplace inserts standing, the Morsø S80 is without doubt becoming a sought-after new product among Denmark’s homeowners.

  • Piazzetta IL Wood-Burning Insert Fireboxes

    Wood-burning inserts for installation in existing traditional fireplaces improve performance, efficiency and safety while making use of the fireplace more practical and agreeable. Also ideal for new fireboxes.

  • Piazzetta IP Pellet-Burning Insert Fireboxes

    The IP inserts allows the traditional fireplace to be transformed by exploiting the outstanding convenience of a practical fuel such as the pellet without forgoing the pleasure of seeing a fire. High efficiency, long burn time, programmable automatic switching on and off are all features of Piazzetta pellet-burning inserts, also suitable for new fireplaces.

  • Piazzetta MA SL Wood-Burning Insert Fireboxes

    The MA SL fireboxes combine the typically generous size of a traditional fireplace with a modern style structure plus a safe and practical rise n’fall door. The crackling sound of the burning firewood can be enjoyed by keeping the door partly open or when using the cooking kit for a pleasant evening with friends.

  • Piazzetta MC Compact Insert Fireboxes

    Perfect synthesis of technology and aesthetic cleaning. The Monoblock MC Compact series offers numerous installation solutions thanks to the extreme constructive linearity. New modern forms and etched glass framing the fire and make it the star of the house.

  • Piazzetta ME Stylish Wood-Burning Insert Fireboxes

    Wide range of original, elegantly shaped fireboxes. They blend perfectly into modern and minimalist environments. The ME are a fusion of refined stylishness and excellent performance.

  • Scan DSA 11

    The Scan DSA 11 is an elegant and powerful cassette
    that fits all kind of interior styles. It has beautiful
    details and very efficient combustion, and can take
    50cm logs.

  • Scan DSA 3.2

    These convection fireplace inserts are available in black with
    removable trims to make wall painting in the future that much
    easier.All the models have a user friendly chrome handle. Plus, the unique
    Scan combustion system provides for optimal, clean combustion and
    efficient air wash so the glass is always as clean as possible.

  • Scan DSA 3.5

    These convection fireplace inserts are available in black with
    removable trims to make wall painting in the future that much

  • Scan DSA 7.5

    The Scan DSA 7-5 with its large combustion chamber can
    take extra long logs. The steel handle is extended by the
    decorative moulding which gives the insert an exclusive

  • Wonderheat Drop-in Gas

    Overall size: 1120mm x 250mm x 160mm

    Drop-in Size:  1080mm (Length) x 220 mm (Width) x 200 mm (Depth)