• Infiniti 8kw Built In

    Infiniti’s wood stoves are available as inserts. Using the same tried and trusted fireboxes as the freestanding units, these models are designed to be built into brickwork to give you that swisher look. They are manufactured with a built-in convection system. This funnels air around the outside of the hot firebox, bringing it back into the room as hot air. This increases the efficiency of the unit to just below that of the freestanding unit. They are ideal for those existing homes that have a brick chimney as well as for new homes/renovations where chimneys are to be built. With the same high temperature combustion and long burn times of the freestanding units, these inserts are capable of heating large areas of home.

  • Infiniti 8kw Free standing

    This freestanding unit comes standard with 80mm high legs and a conversion
    plate. By simply removing two screws and fitting the conversion plate, the
    unit can be changed to create a cube effect.
    These units can be installed either sitting on floor tiles or a hearth, or can
    be installed on top of our wood storage table or our low table, thereby
    creating a range of looks from the same unit.
    The units all have rear heat deflector plates, enabling them to be installed
    150mm off plaster walls. A snug fit for best look.

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