• Dual Braai. Get the Best of Both. A Combination Gas and Wood-Burning Built-In Braai from The Fire Works.

    Dual Braai – Half Wood / Half Gas – The Fire Works

    304 Front/3CR12 Back

    The dual braai – the ultimate South African braai. This multi-functional built-in unit caters easily for gatherings large and small. The aesthetics of this unit finds pride of place in any home.


    Available in models: 1200mm and 1500mm


    These units are available in:

    • Mild steel,
    • Stainless steel
    • 3CR12 stainless steel (Painted Black – Optional)

    All units also available in double sided.

  • Arnie Double Sided

    One of the most powerful units in the range with a rated output of 20 kW (subject to 80% efficiency). Double sided for enhanced views of the fire. Ideally suited to large open spaces or restaurants and guest houses.

  • Free Standing Pizza Oven from The Fire Works

    The Fire Works – Eco Range – Pizza Oven

    Want that wood-fired flavour fresh from your own oven? How about smoking your own cured meats?
    The ‘Roma” pizza oven is a self-assembly product that gives you a convenient and portable outdoor pizza oven/smoker to suit a flexible outdoor lifestyle at home.

  • Clay Pizza Oven from The Fire Works

    Fireworks Clay Pizza Oven

    Pizza Oven with brick facing, stainless steel door and pizza paddle.

    Available in sizes: 600 and 900

  • Piazzetta P963 Pellet Stove

    • Multifuoco System®
    • Multi-function remote control
    • Programmable
    • Majolica cladding
    • Air-glass system
    • Energy saving
    • Humidifier with aroma diffuser
    • Eco function
    • Heat output: 3.2 – 11 kW
    • Heating capacity: 185 – 315 cubic metres
  • Piazzetta IL Wood-Burning Insert Fireboxes

    Wood-burning inserts for installation in existing traditional fireplaces improve performance, efficiency and safety while making use of the fireplace more practical and agreeable. Also ideal for new fireboxes.

  • Piazzetta IP Pellet-Burning Insert Fireboxes

    The IP inserts allows the traditional fireplace to be transformed by exploiting the outstanding convenience of a practical fuel such as the pellet without forgoing the pleasure of seeing a fire. High efficiency, long burn time, programmable automatic switching on and off are all features of Piazzetta pellet-burning inserts, also suitable for new fireplaces.

  • Morsø 6140

    Comprising of 4 models, hearth-mounted, pedestal and wall-mounted, the 6100 wood stove is simple in design and timeless in style, featuring a serene ‘wholeness’ of clean lines, hidden hinges and functionality.

  • Morsø 6170

    The Morsø 1410 is a classic radiant multi-fuel stove that will quickly and efficiently heat small rooms. It is a traditional stove decorated with Morsø’s classic squirrel relief on both sides. Wood burning stove for small rooms.

  • Morsø 7970

    The Morsø 7970 wood burner is a modern sculpture that will enhance the aesthetics of its surroundings. The experience of natural fire enriches the room creating the cosiest environment. A refined wood burning stove with an uncompromising focus on details.

  • Hot

    Morsø 3610

    Morsø 3610 wood stove is the largest Morsø stove producing 60,000 Btu and heating areas up to 2,400 sq ft. A beautifully designed wood stove with clean lines, the Morsø 3610 radiant wood stove is ideal for rooms with cathedral ceilings that require a radiant heater for effective and efficient heating. In addition, this stove’s large double doors make it perfect for heating large rooms.

  • Morso Cast Iron Fireplace - The Fire Works

    Morsø 2110

    The Morsø 2110 is an elegant double-door cast iron wood stove with an aesthetic style and is at home in both contemporary and traditional settings. The large stay-clean glass panel provides an excellent view of the fire while the stove is operating in its most efficient mode.