• Kamado Jan 20 Braai

    Kamado Jan 20 Braai

    Free-Standing Braai

    “…lekker ou JAN…!”

    In cricket it’s called an all-rounder; we call it the Kamado Jan 20 Braai. Not too small and not too big. With 46cm of cooking surface you can’t go wrong. The middle child of the family always seems to be the socialite in the bunch, let the Kamado Jan 20 Braai be the life of your party!

  • Kamado Jan 21 Braai

    Kamado Jan 21 Braai

    Freestanding Braai

    the older twin rivalry…

    You know the age old rivalry between twins … who was born first, who is the oldest … and all that. Well, that’s what the Kamado Jan 21 is to the Kamado Jan 20 …

    Both are loved equally, we’re sure, but for those who want a slightly larger grill and deeper charcoal firebox, the Kamado Jan 21 is the one for you.

  • Kamado Jan Junior Braai from The Fire Works

    Kamado Jan Junior Braai

    Free-Standing Braai

    “You know what they say about dynamite…”

    JAN Jnr might be the baby in the family but that does not mean he cant handle the heat! Small and compact comes to mind when thinking about JAN Jnr. This does not however mean the little guy cant hold it’s own against his bigger brothers… Any bachelors’ best friend when it comes to making food when your mom or girlfriend’s not around. Who knows, they might even like it more than you…!

  • Megamaster Delux Built-In Braai from The Fire Works

    Megamaster – Delux Range

    This is the premium range of built in braais under the Megamaster brand. The deluxe range offers customer durability, size, full range of accessories and build quality.

    This product is ideally suited for the homeowner looking for a zero compromise braai that will last a lifetime

  • Megamaster Built-In Braai from The Fire Works

    Megamaster – Sizzler Range

    New to the Megamaster range, the Sizzler units were development following high demand for a quality yet well priced build in braai.

    The Sizzler range contains features of both the plasma and the deluxe range. It has a smaller profile than that of the deluxe range, but still incorporated all the associated benefits. This product is perfectly suited to both contractor and homeowner alike.

  • Megamaster trolley gas braai from The Fire Works

    Megamaster Blaze 500 Maxim

    Stainless Steel Hood, Control Panel and Doors with powder coated cart.
    Includes: 2 x Porcelain coated cast iron grids, Regulator and hose, Gas Cylinder Stand, Hood with thermometer, 5 Stainless steel burners, 1 stainless steel side burner, Electronic ignitor and warming rack

  • Megamaster Trolley Gas Braai from The Fire Works

    Megamaster Blaze 600

    Black enamel-coated lid with stainless steel control panel.
    Includes: Porcelain cast iron grate with matte finish, 6 stainless
    steel burners and 1 side burner, warming rack, side shelf, electronic
    ignitor, drip tray for easy cleaning, hood with thermometer, 4 casters,
    regulator and hose included.

  • Free-standing stainless steel braai from The Fire Works

    The Fire Works – Freestanding Braai

    The ultimate South African braai. This multi-functional built-in unit caters easily for gatherings large and small. The aesthetics of this unit finds pride of place in any home.

    Available in models: 800mm, 1000mm & 1200mm

    Complete with 2.4m Flue (Units also available in Double Sided.)

    Also available in:

    • Mild Steel
    • 304 Complete
    • 3CR12 Complete

    Optional alternate pedestals:

    • Pedestal Stand
    • 4 Leggered Stand
    • Stand Closed with cupboard