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Gas Fireplace Maintenance: Is it Important?

Yes. Yes. Yes. The best way to ensure your gas fireplace works safely and efficiently when you need it, is to maintain it when you don’t. Although gas-powered fireplaces are considerably the safest and cleanest of all, they require regular servicing, and your fireplace should be inspected and serviced by a certified technician in the summer months. 5 Reasons to Service Your Gas Fireplace Trouble shooting The technician will be able to identify any problems. He’ll check your burners, pilot lights, ignition Read More...

Cleaning your stainless steel braai

If you have your own stainless steel braai or gas braai, you will need to take care of it so that it doesn’t rust and ruin. You have spent all the money on it so you want it to always look good. Stainless steel is a durable material but it still needs to be cleaned regularly and maintained or else it will not last and it will tarnish. So just like you would look after your car, look after your Read More...